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The GIN goAustria program starts into the next round in May! The Virtual GIN Info Day will give you first hand insights and information about how to get one of the 10 rare golden access tickets

Beginn: 06.02.2018 09:00

Location: Webinar.

Country: Austria



Apply for one of three golden tickets to the StartmeUp HK Festival 2018
Application deadline: December 29th 2017


The Global Incubator Network (GIN) is the single point of contact in Austria for start-ups, investors and incubators. It connects the Austrian start-up ecosystem with hotspots in Asia (Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Singapore and South Korea). 

GIN is a flagship program, initiated by the Austrian government. It offers programs and services for start-ups interested in Austria and for Austrian start-ups searching for cooperation partners in Asia. GIN connects investors as well as incubators and accelerators, providing access to selected targets and an international network of key players in innovation and finance. With great expertise in the Austrian start-up ecosystem, GIN and its partners offer exciting services tailored to fit your individual needs.

GIN programs 2018

goAsia - for start-ups based in Austria

goTelAviv Logo - Skyline Tel Aviv at night

goSeoul 2018

Up to 10 Austrian start-ups will be given the opportunity to participate in a tailor-made incubation program in South Korea, organized in cooperation with Advantage Austria, followed by a breakout session to Tokyo!

golden access ticket for the goHongKong 2018 StartmeUP Festival

Golden Ticket goHongKong 2018

The Golden Ticket Hongkong offers the unique opportunity to not only experience the vibrant startup ecosystem in Hongkong, but also build valuable relationships with likeminded startups, international investors and other global players in the fileds of IOT, fintech, healthtech, smart city technologies as well as retail and logistics innovation.

goAustria - for start-ups coming to Austria

Vienna Danube Skyline

goAustria May 2018

 Up to 10 promising later stage start-ups will participate in a tailor-made two weeks incubation and internationalization program to set up their European base in Austria. As one highlight the program includes exlusive access to the Pioneers'18, the biggest European event for building business relationships.

goAustria October 2018

Up to 10 high-potential start-ups will participate in a tailor-made two weeks acceleration and internationalization program to set up their European base in Austria. The highlight will be a breakout session where the startups will network and collaborate with leading corporates.

Become a GIN Partner

GIN raised your interest? Contact the GIN program management today:

  • Incubators and accelerators: please submit information on your services (industry segment, resources, infrastructure, mentorship opportunities, networking communities etc.)
  •  Investors: to help us meet your investment needs, please indicate your investment criteria (industry segment, company profile,  business model, growth potential, development stage etc.)

GIN Contact

Ivana Bacanovic

“GIN provides an acceleration program like no other to soft-land start-ups in the respective market.” Telefon +43 1 501 75 511

Ivana Bacanovic

Telefon +43 1 501 75 511

Annamaria Andres

„The GIN program offers a unique opportunity for start-ups, investors and incubators to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.” Telefon +43 5 775 513 12

Annamaria Andres

Telefon +43 5 775 513 12


Join our global network! Let’s start collaborating to share knowledge,
enter exciting markets and boost innovation.


GIN listens to your individual needs and helps you to find suitable (co-)investment opportunities.


Logos of aws & FFG

The Global Incubator Network is managed by the public agencies aws and FFG, owned by the Federal Government of Austria, and is based on international bilateral cooperation agreements in the target regions. Both agencies are operating various funding programs supporting Austria’s economy. aws is the major player in the field of financing and consulting start-ups and corporates in order to facilitate market transition of innovative products and processes from an early stage to internationalization. The primary focus of FFG is the promotion of R&D projects in start-ups and industrial companies to facilitate the innovation process and support the early market phase.

The existing programs and networks of these two agencies and of other Austrian start-up stakeholders are complemented by new instruments and international cooperation measures and partnerships, optimizing the support for start-ups by facilitating access to international and Austrian markets.


  • Austria is the gateway to Europe and the Central Eastern European (CEE) markets with more than 630 million people. The CEE area has great potential for growth and will be the hub of innovation in the next decades.
  • Austria’s central location in the heart of Europe allows you to reach every major city by plane within three hours.
  • Austria is renowned for its high standard of living and its excellent infrastructure.
  • Austria is an ideal test market to validate new products or business models.



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