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The Global Incubator Network Austria provides up to 6 Austrian later-stage startups the amazing opportunity to explore the Japanese startup ecosystem and to dive into the flourishing Tech Hub Tokyo with a break-out session to Osaka. Join us now and start your internationalization to Asia enabled by GIN in collaboration with AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA and AußenwirtschaftsCenter Tokio.

goTokyo 2019 with a breakout-session to Osaka is a 2-week acceleration program powered by GIN that supports you in your internationalization plans with extensive hands-on experience, individual mentoring as well as valuable workshops and trainings. It allows you first insights into the Japanese market and connects you with relevant stakeholders and experts of the local startup community. Meet potential corporates, distributers, development partners, investors or any other key player of the local startup ecosystem and boost your business with individual corporate meetings organized by AußenwirtschaftsCenter Tokio

The acceleration program goTokyo 2019 will take place from December 2nd to December 13th 2019.

  • All participating startups have the option to extend their stay for an additional week if needed for further appointments and follow-up meetings.
  • GIN refunds 80% of expenses as well as accommodation and travel costs up to EUR 7.000,- per startup

goTokyo 2019 powered by GIN a 2-week acceleration program Visual with Tokyo Skyline

Tokyo's startup ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace, with many expecting it to play an integral part in revitalizing the market. In recent years, innovation driven by the startup ecosystem has become increasingly important for Japan. Having the third biggest GDP in the world Japan has an enormous market and world-famous corporations such as Toyota, Sony and Mitsubishi that have as much cash and deposits as the US “Tech Giants” Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet have.

Tokyo Skyline by night with its skyscrapers

Unlike other countries, in Japan corporations and corporate VCs are a big deal. Large corporations strategically invest in VC funds in order to scout for promising startups as potential business partners. In 2018 almost 400b Japanese Yen (US$ 3.5b) was invested in startups according to the Japan Startup Finance Report. To Japan's hottest sectors count Deep Tech, FinTech, Healthcare and AI. 

Are you curious to find out what the program will look like?

In the first week, you will get first insights into the Japanese market and valuable trainings in how to do business, to found a company, to negotiate and many other relevant aspects. Furthermore, you will explore the local startup ecosystem and will have individual corporate meetings with potential clients. In the second week we will have a break-out session to Osaka, the place for large corporates in the field of Pharma and Life Sciences.

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SELECTED STartups for goTokyo 2019:


  • ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA (WKO) charges a fee of EUR 800,- for its comprehensive service
  • GIN refunds 80% of expenses as well as accommodation and travel costs up to EUR 7,000 per startup (excluding the above mentioned service fee)


Contacts for goTokyo 2019: 

Global Incubator Network Austria:

Carina MArgreiter, GIN Program Manager or goAsia, goTokyo 2019 powered by the Global Incubator Network

Carina Margreiter - GIN Program Manager

+43 1 501 75 – 259

AußenwirtschaftsCenter Tokio:

Arnold Anckerer AC Tokio is a stron partner of GIN Global Incubator Network

Arnold Ackerer - Deputy Head of AC Tokio

+81 3 3403 – 1777

Annamaria Andres

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Carina Margreiter

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Jan Arpe

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