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goSingapore is your gateway to the South East Asian market. Get ready for 2 months acceleration in Asia!

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                            >>> CALL FOR GOSINGAPORE 2019 IS CLOSED <<<

The Global Incubator Network Austria (GIN) and AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA are looking for Austrian later-stage startups for their next joint goAsia accelerator program goSingapore 2019. 

goSingapore 2019 is an extended version of goAsia powered by GIN and AußenwirtschaftsCenter Singapur and supports Austrian later-stage startups in their internationalization plans with extensive hands-on experience, customized networking opportunities and unique business connections. 

GIN brings up to 5 selected startups to Singapore - Asia’s leading startup hub and number 1 in global startup talent. Take the chance of this amazing opportunity and dive into the multicultural, cosmopolitan society of this island-city-state for 2 months and connect with key players and local experts as well as with relevant stakeholders of this vibrant ecosystem. 

goSingapore will take place from 23rd of September to 17th of November 2019

  • GIN offers all goSingapore participants to extend their stay for an additional week for follow-up meetings and feedback. 
  • GIN refunds 80% of all expenses as well as accommodation and travel costs up to max. EUR 10,000 per startup

GIN goSingapore is goAsia extended

goSingapore 2019 is an extended version of the GIN goAsia initiative!

This unique 2-months accelerator program is for 5 Austrian later-stage startups that want to cross borders and aim to enter the South East Asian market.

Participants of goSingapore 2019 will get first-hand insights into the local market, tax and legal workshop on how to do business in Asia as well as introductions to corporates, distributers, development partners, investors and any other relevant stakeholder of the local startup community. 

Singaporean Skyline by night for the GIN acceleration goAsia program goSingapore powered by GIN

Singapore's startup ecosystem is widely perceived as a door-opener for manifold opportunities. With a stable political climate and rule of law, Singapore is a leading place to do business. Being the most liberal and open economy worldwide and one of the least corrupt countries in the world, Singapore is well-known for its strong Intellectual Property protection and regulation, its significant smartphone and internet penetration as well as its robust financial and technical infrastructure. There are also abundant opportunities for startups to co-innovate with government agencies and multinational corporations (MNCs) with incubation and venture activities such as SPRING Startup Enterprise Development Scheme, Early Stage Venture Fund Scheme, Technology Incubation Scheme and Sector Specific Accelerator Program. 

NUS Enterprise UNiversity of SIngapore

For this goAsia program GIN works closely with its local partner NUS Enterprise. 

  • For more info on NUS Enterprise click here

Selected startups for gosingapore 2019:

360kompany is goSingapore 2019 powered by GIN & AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA participant


MoonVision is goSingapore 2019 powered by GIN and AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA participant


Symbiotic is goSingapore powered by GIN and AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA participant



  • AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA charges EUR 1.000,- for its comprehensive service 
  • GIN refunds 80% of all expenses up to max EUR 10.000,- per startup (excluding the above mentioned service fee)

ANY questions?

contacts for goSingapore 2019:

Global Incubator Network Austria: 

Carina Margreiter, GIN Program Manager or goAsia, goShanghai 2019 powered by the Global Incubator Network

Carina Margreiter - GIN Program Manager 

+43 1 501 75 - 259



AußenwirtschaftsCenter Singapur: 

David Bachmann Austrian Trade Commissioner for Singapore at Advantage Austria

David Bachmann - Commercial Counsellor

+65 6396 6350



Annamaria Andres

+43 57755 1312


Carina Margreiter

+43 1 501 75 259


Jan Arpe

+43 5 775 513 20