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The Global Incubator Network Austria in collaboration with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) provides Austrian later-stage startups the amazing opportunity to enter Mainland China and to explore the “new Silicon Valley” Shanghai.

The accelerator program goShanghai supports you in your internationalization plans to Asia with extensive hands-on experience, customized networking opportunities and valuable business connections. GIN connects you with local experts, partners and corporates. Participants will get first insights into the local market and introductions to investors, distributors, development partners and many other relevant stakeholders of the local startup community.

For this goAsia program GIN works closely with the international department of WKO AußenwirtschaftsCenter Shanghai.

Shanghai, also called the financial mecca of China, has turned into a startup heaven. Since 2016 more than 70,000 startups have been set up in Asia’s most important innovation hub. Shanghai’s startup community is well-connected comprising countless incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, events, meet-ups, mixers, VCs and networking parties. Having put “innovation” as a top strategic goal, Shanghai has become the new Sillicon Valley. 

The Mobile World Congress is Asia’s biggest mobile event. The main theme of MWC19 is intelligent connectivity. This industry-leading conference provides unique insights into current and future trends and into the key role of the Asian technology community.

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Skyline of Shanghai the new silicon valley, join GIN and the global incubator network fo goshanghai and goasia

Chinaaccelerator helps internet startups to cross boarders

In this target region we work closely with our cooperation partner Chinaccelerator, a leading startup accelerator in China helping internet startups to cross borders from the world into China and from China to the world. It is operated by the venture fund SOSV, the world’s #1 early-stage investor with 400m AUM and offers mentorship-driven programs. Chinaccelerator has already supported over 140 companies to build a China and global business.

Curious to find out how did goShanghai 2019 go? 

Have a look and see what the startups have done and get first insights into how the GIN goAsia programs look like here!

Here you can find the program of goShanghai 2019! 

Selected startups for goShanghai 2019:


For more information on the program please feel free to contact us directly: goasia@gin-austria.com

Interested in other GIN goAsia programs? Visit: www.gin-austria.com/goAsia.html

contacts for goshanghai 2019:

Global Incubator Network Austria: 

Carina Margreiter, GIN Program Manager or goAsia, goShanghai 2019 powered by the Global Incubator Network

Carina Margreiter - GIN Program Manager 

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Austrian Trade Commission Shanghai: 

Christina Schösser, Austrian Tade Commissioner of Advantage Austria WKO

Christina Schösser 

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Annamaria Andres

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Carina Margreiter

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Jan Arpe

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