Let’s welcome our next goAustria October participant, nexsys

This startup developed a wearable system for industrial safety and management.

Nexsys product, a helmet with a camera on it

There have been big improvements in the quality of human lives with the help of technology. Unfortunately, the industrial sector is one of the most dangerous and hazardous environments around us that hasn't been benefited as much from it, especially when it comes to safety. They wanted to provide a safer, more efficient work environment with their technology.

Nexsys spent quite some time in Europe, including Austria last year, because the company thought their solution and business model suits well for the European market. They think goAustria is the perfect chance for them to continue their journey in Europe and develop their product to the next level. Nexsys is looking for business partners, potential customers, and funding options in Europe.

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Annamaria Andres

+43 57755 1312

Carina Margreiter

+43 1 501 75 259