Let’s welcome our next goAustria October participant, Mintm

Team Members of the Startup MinM

The founder & CEO was running a company before MintM. While he was promoting his organization through online and offline channels, he realised that it was easier to track the campaigns online. On the other hand, it was impossible for offline campaigns. He saw an opportunity out of this problem and came up with the idea of MintM. He crafted a robotic platform which can convert any digital device into AI driven intelligent BOT which can not only see people but can analyse them and provide real-time insights.

Austria has the right attribute to foster the culture of entrepreneurship. With our first of its kind technology, we want to change the way people do business in Austria. We aim to help businesses with data driven decisions and productivity using robotics by converting their existing devices to intelligent BOTs.

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Annamaria Andres

+43 57755 1312

Carina Margreiter

+43 1 501 75 259