go austria Individual

your individual door-opener to austria & Europe

goAustria is a tailor-made incubation and internationalization program to set up a European base in Austria, giving you access to the whole European Union and its single market with over 500 million customers. The program will match you a with a personal start-up mentor, who will support you in validating and expanding your business model and help you to build your network in Europe. During the program, you will receive valuable insights regarding the Austrian and European markets. The GIN goAustria program will also cover your costs related to accomodation in Austria for one week as well as a subsidy to flight costs. 

goAustria Individual

Your individualized internationalization process with individual mentoring


goAustria Individual


Incubation program on demand; Arrange your visit at any time together with the GIN program management.

Target Group

Innovative founders and young companies with at least a first product and some market experience based in the GIN target countries (Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, South Korea and China) or other non-European countries. 

Sector Focusopen
  • up to 10 participants are selected to participate yearly
  • should be fluent in english
  • able to cover the costs of living in Vienna beside the program (Lunch/Dinner, public transportation)
  • fulfill the legal framework, you can find here

Develop your individualized internationalization process with tailor-made mentoring

How it works

Before applying to the goAustria Individual program, please make sure to first consider the goAustria Spring / Fall programs that provide a more comprehensive schedule at fixed dates. You may contact us directly to discuss these options.

Step 1: Apply to the goAustria Individual program

Step 2: The GIN program management decides on whether you get awarded a goAustria Individual Voucher and get connected with an individual GIN mentor based on the following criteria:

  • quality of your start-up
  • your product / service fits with the Austrian Market
  • your explanation why you want to participate is convincing
  • one of our GIN mentors endorses your application and commits to supporting you before and during your visit
  • available budget for the goAustria Individual program

 Step 3: Redeem your goAustria Individual Voucher into a one-week visit to Austria with individual mentoring (within one year of Voucher issuance):

  • Find a suitable date in agreement with your mentor and the GIN program management.
  • In terms of travel arrangements, you book your flights, and GIN will take care of accomodation and a co-working space.
  • In terms of business needs (contacts, appointments, business plan optimization, …), you plan your stay together with your mentor.
What do you have to invest?

Costs for mentoring and coaching, workshops, co-working spaces and accommodation for one week in Austria will be covered by the goAustria initiative as part of the GIN program, as well as eligible costs for flights can be reimbursed up to € 800,- depending on your departure country.


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