goAustria Fall 2018

Ten applicants out of 119 applications were picked, for this years' goAustria Fall batch!

Jurysitzung for the 6th goAustria batch

The goAustria Fall 2018 startups are selcted!

After a meeting with our stakeholders and experts of the austrian startup community, we have found the top ten startups for the goAustria Fall 2018 batch.
Ten out of one hundred nineteen applicants with focus on the application fields in ICT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Blockchain have convinced the experts. In Austria they will get exclusive insights and contacts to our networks for their own belongings.

In the next weeks we are going to give short insights to each participant of this years' goAustria Fall batch.

The goAustria Fall 2018 startups:

amplified.aiJapanAutomating and improving the patent system
GlycaDXSingaporeNext step in diabetes monitoring
H2LJapanHappy hacking life with haptics
Leben Care Technologies Pte LtdSingaporeAI solving avoidable blindness globally
LillycoverKoreaSkin trainer in my hand
Narya SecurityIsraelSimply Managed Encryption
RideOn LtdIsraelAR of outdoor sports and activites
Simplisico LtdIsraelVirtual private tutor for math
SpeculoIsraelWearable 3D sensor system for AR/VR market
TrabbleSingaporeYour answer to trave

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