goaustria startups Fall 2019

For the Fall program,  following startups were selected 

AC BiodeJapanWe will develop the world's first standalone AC (Alternating Current) battery by "Biode", which is up to 30% more compact, safer, and has a longer life.

GoWithIsraelApp for airport passengers that calculates the time needed to reach the gate (from home all the way to the boarding gate)

 KomraVisionHong KongThe most innovative thing could be put in consumers hands! A handheld scanner tells instantly your food quality
Hong Kong
Sapiens is a predictive AI advisor mapping out users’ wholistic personality profiles and influence their decision based on identification of natural authentic unstructured and structured meta-data from users’ life.

SenzeHub Singapore
Design and manufacture of enterprise wide system for large-scale monitoring of patient vital signs wearable for hospitals with firmware, software and hardware

Annamaria Andres

+43 57755 1312


Carina Margreiter

+43 1 501 75 259


Jan Arpe

+43 5 775 513 20