go austria Legal Framework

GIN is a governmental aid with a specific legal framework. Therefore all participants at the program have to fulfill those legal aspects. Here you can find the explanation of the aspects that we have to verify before you attend any goAustria initiative.

SME Definition

You are a small enterprise if you meet following criteria:

You are a medium-sized enterprise if you meet the following criteria:

Please make sure and fill out the Declaration of SME Status you'll find in Downloads.

The complete criteria for qualifying as an SME can be found in the relevant User Guide of the European Commission.

De Minimis Aid

GIN runs under the de minimis aid regulation as European Commission defined.

What is de minimis aid?

The de minimis aid amount is so small that it is not expected to have a negative impact on competition or trade between the member states. Therefore aid falling under the de minimis Regulation does not need to be notified to the European Commission under certain conditions.

Under which conditions can I receive de minimis aid as an entrepreneur?

In order to be able to determine whether this ceiling is complied with, the applicant company must disclose all de minimis aid granted to the company or the company group by Austrian funding agencies in the relevant period. Companies having any of the relationships referred to below will be considered as a “single undertaking”.

What is a “single undertaking”?

This term includes all enterprises that are either completely independent or have at least one of the following relationships with each other:

Enterprises having any of the relationships referred to in points a) to d) through one or more other enterprises are also considered to be a single undertaking.

De minimis aid granted to linked companies outside of Austria and companies linked exclusively via natural persons or public bodies should not be taken into account.

What periods are relevant?

What happens when there is a change in legal form (e.g. merger, acquisition, split)?

The complete article of the regulation to the de minimis aid can be in the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013.

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