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goAsia is a tailor-made acceleration program to connect your business with relevant partners and experts in Asia as well as to internationalize to the GIN target countries (South Korea, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan & Israel). 

GIN gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with one of the GIN target countries and to get valuable insights into the cultural differences as well as the local talent pool and startup ecosystem. With goAsia you will connect with international investors, corporates, manufacturing partners, distributors and other stakeholders and benefit from individual corporate meetings and a personal on-site mentor, who will support you in validating your business model and scaling-up.

Start your individualized internationalization process in one of the GIN target regions!

Asia mega cities for goAsia Individuak, HongKong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Mainland China, GIN target countries Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, TelAviv


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goAsia Individual 

Timeframe:Accelerator program on demand; contact us to arrange your individual visit to one the GIN target countries
Target Group:
  • Austrian mid- or later-stage startups 
  • unique production/solution 
  • working prototype / MVP (beyond proof-of-concept)
Sector Focus:Open for all sectors (also depends on the target region)
  • up to 10 Austrian startups are selected to particiapte yearly 
  • should be fluent in English 
  • interested in connecting to relevant stakeholders (investors, corporates)
  • looking to develop further internationally with a focus on Asia  
Benefits:Develop your individualized internationalization process to Asia with tailor-made mentoring 

How to apply for goAsia Individual?

Before applying to the goAsia Individual program, please make sure to consider the other goAsia programs offered by GIN first. These programs provide a more comprehensive schedule at fixed dates. All goAsia programs can be found here. 


goAsia Individual

Step 1:

If you are interested in applying for a goAsia Individual ticket, please contact the GIN Program Management: goasia@gin-austria.com 

Step 2:

Your application will be reviewed by the GIN program management and it will be decided on whether you are selected for goAsia Individual based on the following criteria: 

  • stage & quality of your startup
  • your product / service fits to the Asian markets
  • your explanation why you want to participate is convincing
  • one of our GIN partners (e.g. Advantage Austria) endorses your application and commits to supporting you before and during your visit
  • available resources for goAsia Individual 
Step 3:

Redeem your goAsia Individual ticket into an one-week visit to the confirmed GIN target region with individual mentoring:

  • find a suitable date in agreement with the GIN program management
  • in terms of travel arrangements, you book your flights, accomodation and a co-working space.
  • in terms of business needs (contacts, appointments, business plan optimization, etc.), you plan your stay together with the GIN program management and Advantage Austria. 

What do you have to invest? 

goAsia, Asia mega city skyline and dragon boat


Start your internationalization with GIN!


Please feel free to contact us directly for goAsia Individual: 

Carina Margreiter, GIN Program Manager or goAsia, goShanghai 2019 powered by the Global Incubator Network

Carina Margreiter - GIN Program Manager 

+43 1 501 75 - 259



Annamaria Andres

+43 57755 1312


Carina Margreiter

+43 1 501 75 259