Cabinet resolves new startup visum effective July 2017

Easier access to visa for founders from third-countries in Austria effective July 2017.

Harald Mahrer at a conference

At the moment, it is hardly impossible for potential founders from Non-European countries to establish a business in Austria. That’s why the existing regulation for founders will be complemented by adding a new category to the red-white-red card, the so-called start-up visa, effective 01.07.2017.

State secretary Harald Mahrer takes the lead for making Austria an international startup hotspot. Therefore, it is crucial to enable international innovation-oriented founders to start their business in Austria with the red-white-red card leading to a clear improvement for third-country start-up founders.

The start-up visa will look as follows: The applicant receives a residence and work permit for self-employed work for two years with an extension option is coupled on either one of the following:

Additionally, the barriers for university graduates will be lowered to guarantee a longer timeframe for graduates to find an adequate employment in order to achieve a long-term commitment of the skilled workforce to the Austrian market.


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